Safety & Security

  • Peugeot 2008 2013-2019 Led Lamp W5W

    Peugeot 2008 2013-2019 Led Lamp W5W

    Peugeot 2008 2013-2019 Led Lamp W5W Genuine Peugeot Part Number: 16482419 80 Image for display only Part ETA: 2-3 Weeks Suitable for:Peugeot 2008>MK2 2013-2019>1.5L Diesel 5dr 101bhpPeugeot 2008>MK2 2013-2019>1.2L Petrol 5dr 129bhpPeugeot...
    Price: £34.33


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  • Warning Triangle

    Warning Triangle

    If you stop unexpectedly on the road, the warning triangle allows you to effectively and safely be visible to other vehicles.Technical Information: Essential for your safety, it is compulsory in France and in certain other countries. Approved in...
    Price: £10.80


  • Rear seat protector PVC

    Rear seat protector PVC

    Technical characteristics: Colour : transparent PVC.   A shape especially adapted to make it easier to use the seat belt. Clear PVC to suit all i Easy to maintain, high resistance PVC. Keeps the rear seat clean and dry. Protects...
    Price: £23.98


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    DESCRIPTION - Portable lighting and signalling lamp SL 302 High power warning light for visibility and safety in emergency situations. Danger warning signal with excellent illumination thanks to the high intensity of the LEDs. Easy to...
    Price: £31.16


  • Fire extinguisher with strap - 1kg

    Fire extinguisher with strap - 1kg

    Class ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher with 1 kg capacity - Steel body - Automatic operation (height 310 - ø 85). With strap and pressure gauge. Instructions on device - Comes with a fixing support and strap.
    Price: £26.36


  • Emergency Seat Belt Cutter & Hammer

    Emergency Seat Belt Cutter & Hammer

    Portable safety device with keyring combining 1 seat belt cutter and 1 window breakerTechnical Information:In an emergency, allows you to free yourself from your vehicle quickly following an accident.An innovative system permitting rapid separation of...
    Price: £21.84


  • Fire Extinguisher 50 Seconds

    Fire Extinguisher 50 Seconds

    Intended for motorists, boaters and caravanners. Space-saving due to its small size, it can be kept in the glove box, the empty pocket, under the seat. It extinguishes all types of fires. No risk of explosion not pressurized. Discharge time: 50 sec...
    Price: £86.42


  • Peugeot Cleaning Cloth

    Peugeot Cleaning Cloth

    Cleaning cloth Peugeot The cleaning wipe will allow you to clean all of your touch screens, smartphone, portable GPS screen, interior mirror and dashboard more effectively. The wipe has the PEUGEOT logo on it and is made of imitation suede. It is...
    Price: £5.75


  • Anti-Theft Rod On Steering Wheel

    Anti-Theft Rod On Steering Wheel

    Anti-theft mechanically locks the steering wheel, even with an integrated Airbag. Anti-theft rod is made of reinforced steel. It uses a tubular 10 pin lock for 10,000 combinations. Product supplied with 2 keys. Weight: 2 kg. Highly visible deterrent...
    Price: £117.86


  • Fire Extinguisher

    Fire Extinguisher

    To be secured firmly inside the vehicle, within arm's reach of the driver.Technical Information:(A) : wood, cardboard, textile, paper, plastic. Fires involving fluids(B) : petrol, oil, alcohol, solvents, petroleum products. Fires involving gases(C):...
    Price: £34.38


  • Peugeot First Aid Kit

    Peugeot First Aid Kit

    Peugeot First Aid Kit First-aid kit contents: First aid kit - DIN standard 13164 First aid kit containing: 1 pair of scissors 2 cleaning wipes 4 gloves 6 sterile compresses 10cm x 10cm 2 triangular slings 4 adhesive dressings 6 x 10cm 2 adhesive...
    Price: £24.24


  • Peugeot Safety Pack

    Peugeot Safety Pack

    Peugeot Safety Pack  Supplied as a replacement safety pack x 1 First aid kit x 2 safety vest x 1 safety triangle x 1 pair gloves x 1 light stick x lighting & signalling lamp portable x 1 seatbelt cutter & window breaker Genuine Peugeot...
    Price: £91.44